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About Carmel

What's "Carmel"?

Carmel is a large database of English terms and their translation to Hebrew. Our goal is uniting various open source translation projects while providing a consistent translation for technical terms, which will become, hopefully, an agreed standard.

This is the 2nd incarnation (the first was hosted at SourceForge).

Carmel's target audience ?

Open source software translators. Carmel provides a large database of computing terms and their translations, while allowing those translators sharing the translated terms with others.

I want to help!

Great, you can:

I have problems!

Problems with the renewd "Carmel" site ? e-mail Meir Kriheli, meir [At]


Gil Osher, concept and development of the 1st version: dolfin [At]
Meir Kriheli, Design and development of 2nd generation: meir [At]